EBNETER CONCEPT ART, cars. transportation design
We did cars as an independent project. The Alfa Romeo T1, the Porsche 911se, the VW Beetle, and the Alfa Romeo T2. We can do a car-concept or transportation design with Rhinoceros-Nurbs or Cinema4D-Polygonmodel. Cinema4D is industry-standard and can be imported in your CAD-system for reference or retopology.
Prices start USD 40 an hour. For a new design we have approximately 80 to 120 hours, about 50% of the time for the ideationstage - 50% of the time for renderings/3d-design.


Alfa Romeo T1

Small Alfa Romeo concept sketch. T1 (Torino 1, small car 4.20m long). Personal project, copyright EBNETER CONCEPT ART 2021. T1 (Torino 1,-electric). Sportscar for the young generation.
Alfa Romeo T1 rendering. Small Alfa Romeo 4.20m long. Five seats, electric. Personal project, copyright EBNETER CONCEPT ART 2021.
This Alfa Romeo T1 we designed with a compact-sports-car in mind, mostly for the young generation as target customers. The front is dynamic and aggressiv in design, the back a surprise,-but Alfa-style.

Porsche 911se

Porsche 911se electric. Medium Porsche 4.60m long. 2+2 seats. Electric. Personal project, copyright EBNETER CONCEPT ART 2021.


VW Beetle

The `Spark`-idea was from this sketch. VW Beetle. 4.40m long, 4 doors and 5 seats.We like the history of the Beetle and the spirit. We hope it will have a survival as an electric car.


Alfa Romeo T2

Alfa Romeo T2 rendering. Medium, elegant-sporty Alfa Romeo 4.60m long. Five seats. Personal project, copyright EBNETER CONCEPT ART 2021


All copyright 2021 EBNETER CONCEPT ART, Sunisa Ebneter, Chiang Mai, Thailand


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